Consulting Service

Maple Brooks Benefits & Consulting believes in the one client at a time approach. Although we can act as brokers, we prefer to be in the same “boat” with our client.

When your health plan has a major increase in premium, the increase is passed to the plan and the broker. This is not always avoidable. As a consultant, we are willing to put a portion of our fee at risk. This challenges the current status quo and puts us in a unique position to “perform”.

 The critical factor is to determine the purpose of the healthcare program. This can be  accomplished through the following steps:

  • Evaluate the overall objective for providing benefits. (keeping employees healthy, recruiting new employees, employee retention,. etc.)
  • Determine a short term and long term strategy and a 3-5 year plan to measure change.
  • Identify and mitigate abuse within the health plan spend
  • Look at an outcome based network
  • Look at dependent audits
  • Explore reference based pricing methodology and see how it may be applicable to your health plan
  • Encouraging telemedicine programs

 Actuarial services can be built into any plan design.  They include but are not limited too:

Reserve Reviews

  • Reserve Opinions
  • Periodic 2nd opinions on your reserve studies
  • Ultimate losses by line by year
  • ALAE and ULAE studies
  • Traditional and statistical methods
  • Adjustments for benefit or jurisdictional changes
  • Provide data for annual statements· Assist auditors

Self-insured Valuations

  • Loss and ALAE reserves
  • Analysis of insurance and reinsurance covers
  • Provide data needed for annual reports and board meetings
  • Assist auditors

Enterprise Risk Management

  • Provide assistance documenting risk management efforts
  • Model scenarios, from simple to complex

Reinsurance Arrangements

  • Provide estimates of loss for various reinsurance arrangements
  • Review your reinsurance company’s projection of your losses